I Have recently have been drawn to working within the confines of the book setting. I enjoy the narrative that can exist throughout; from the paper used, the way type or words can be organised through to the images used within its pages. Books can be places to explore thoughts, ideas, dreams, they can be a safe place to hide things in but they can also be used to display these very things and much more.

I have made a selection of books that are based on walks I have had in recent weeks; the flora and fauna, the sea that I live by, the woodlands. Some are etchings and lino prints, simple descriptions of the shoreline, or reflections in pools. Others are cyanotypes (a Victorian way of printing using salts that respond to UV light) of plants that I have picked on these walks.

Some of these books are blank for your own recording of thoughts, feelings, sketches… others have my prints within, perhaps to evoke your own thoughts in response to the landscape.

Each book has been made entirely by hand. Each image is an original. please contact me for to purchase.