We spent a 'jolly' few hours transforming 3 empty rooms and a pile of paintings and ceramics into a lovely exhibition inspired by the Sledmere Estate, East Yorkshire and its history. Here are a selection of photos documenting the transformation. 

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 I am part of a loose group of artists called ‘Art Talk’, Scarborough.

 We decided to show together at the Triton Gallery, Sledmere House, E. Yorkshire and to try and create new work inspired by the village, house, history infact whatever spoke to us.

I came across St Mary’s Parish Church, Sledmere, and was inspired by the incredible trees that you walk through as you approach the church, creating a natural Gothic arch that was then mirrored within.

The light was pure and clean pouring through the windows, the arches, strong and tall. High above were cherubs soaring with Victorian innocence. It was full of tremendous peace. I took many photographs, bathing in the refreshing coolness that was more than just fresh air.

Excited, I left to join the group only to be confronted by the natural beauty of the estate. Its openness, the spreading, huge trees creating their own cathedrals in un fettered worship.

I wanted to explore the union of man’s creativity and desire to worship God through building monuments, with what all of us can enjoy simply, the natural architecture of nature; huge branches reaching heavenwards. Underneath this natural canopy, a deep primal song of worship ensues.

The rest of the group have responded in totally different ways to the estate, the lay of the land, the ‘maps’, items within the house. I recommend this exhibition to you if for nothing more than to be astounded by the variety of art work that a small village can inspire. 

Prints can be ordered. Please contact me for size and prices. Prints come mounted. 

Prints are also available as cards sets